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As a family of six (plus one), you can imagine that life can be a little crazy with the Collins/Rose Clan! We love our 4 kids, son-in-law and 2 grandbabies. It is a great JOY to individually celebrate the milestones in their lives. We also love just celebrating LIFE and OTHERS ~ and that is exactly what we decided to do by starting a marquee letter rental company. With an “empty nest” staring us in the face, it was the perfect time to pull all of us together and offer you a family business that will celebrate YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR FRIENDS at your next event. 


When you “look behind the letters” you may see Angie working on marketing, Jay crunching numbers, Shelby creating social media content, Will and Luke making deliveries, Allyson keeping us organized and sweet Walker praying over us ALL! You might even catch a glimpse of our grandbabies and four-legged assistants Jake, Wally, Sadie, Harley, and Winnie somewhere along the way! 


We are here to help you LIGHT UP your next special event because everyone deserves to have their name in lights on their special day! 


Angie and Jay Collins

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